Donna Kim - Edge of Your Seat

It was by chance that I began an apprenticeship with an English weaver, a devoted craftsman, poet, and for many years following, a beloved friend: Peter Shoebridge (1925-2016). Peter took me under his wing, becoming my special mentor in Life, and at “the Shop” in Toronto until his retirement in 2006. What followed, was Edge Of Your Seat, a little chair caning and seat weaving studio, workshop space, and my second home for ten years.

My foundation in chair caning and seat weaving has fueled my curiosity to explore other areas of functional and aesthetic woven structures using natural fibres and plant based materials, including: Fabric weaving, knitting, tapestry, basketry, and nautical rope work.

Edge Of Your Seat aims to help chair caning & seat weaving maintain a meaningful place in our modern world.

(***Please Note: I am on the road, and available to teach seat weaving classes. To organize a class, please email me at: (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

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Many Thanks,
Donna Kim

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