Longevity & Cane Furniture

Here are some tips on how to care specifically for cane furniture, either pre-woven sheet cane, or hand woven strand cane.

These tips are suitable for cane that hasn’t been sealed with paints or other solid finishes:

Apply a very thin coat of furniture grade drying oil to both sides of the cane - a little goes a long way.
If the surface of a cane seat has been stained, apply the oil to the underside where, typically, it hasn’t been sealed by any finishes.
Wait for up to five minutes, and wipe off any excess. Allow to dry thoroughly.
Oils that are food safe/solvent free are nice to use and can double as an oil for maintaining wood furniture and wooden utensils. Remember to consult individual labels for appropriate uses.

We love to use Hemp Oil by Homestead House, based in Canada. It’s a wonderful furniture grade drying oil that is food-safe and solvent-free.

Repeat once per season, or, as needed.

Additional Tips:

Avoid placing cane furniture in direct sunlight, near extreme heat sources, or in other areas where it can dry out quickly.
Avoid pressure points from keys in back pockets, grommets on pants, knees, ankles, and feet.
Cushions can help to distribute the load across cane surfaces.

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